Wednesday, January 25, 2023

The Ultimate solution to Gun violence in USA

America only needs to do two things, and everything else surrounding gun violence will be reset. Send your email address to to receive the ultimate solution. And then proceed with the explanation of how it is the ultimate solution for it

 Do not accept this explanation as the solution; instead, read through it to understand why it is the ultimate one. 

 All the experts in America don't know the source

 'Problem realized is half solved,' that saying applies only to the problem you know the root of it. And how do you stop the effect if you don't know what caused it? How can you put an end to it if you don't know what's causing it? 

 Let us look at it this way: if you want to remove an unwanted tree, you will go to its root rather than cutting the branches, and if you do later, the problems will persist until they go on pruning the tree, even giving it more power to be stubborn, and that is what the American people are doing; they keep talking about side effects rather than attacking the root and putting an end to this issue once and for all.

 Consider the experts' responses when asked what the primary cause of gun violence in the United States is. Their response is that: “ it is difficult to pinpoint a single cause because it is a complex issue with numerous contributing factors. Some experts argue that easy access to firearms, particularly handguns, is a major contributing factor, as are other factors such as mental health issues, and cultural and societal factors such as the glorification of violence and media exposure to it. 

 Other underlying social issues such as poverty, racism and discrimination, and a lack of access to support and resources, according to experts, all play a role in the prevalence of violence.” Let us now go over their answers one by one: the first point they make shows that they do not know the root of the problem, because if they did, they would not have said that “it was difficult to pinpoint a single cause”.


 While it is true that the United States has the highest rate of gun ownership, with an estimated 120.5 firearms per 100 residents, and that there is an ongoing debate about gun control, it is also important to note that the correlation between high rates of gun ownership and higher rates of gun violence is not always linear and that not everyone who has access to a gun engages in gun violence, so the gun is not the issue, but the violence in that person who holds the gun when he has access to it. Consider a firefighter fighting smoke while ignoring the source of the fire that is causing the smoke.

  Another point is that they discuss mental illness and how to support the mental health issue, but it is important to note that most people with mental illnesses are not violent, and most acts of violence are not committed by people with mental illnesses, The record shows the vast majority of mass shooters are not mentally ill, but instead have a history of violence, domestic abuse, and other criminal activities, so this is also like cutting the branches of a tree, Because they are not the only country with many numbers of psychiatric patients, but they are taking the lead in supporting the mental health issue. However, this is also discussing the effect without focusing on the cause. Some experts also suggested that the media's coverage of mass shootings can contribute to a "contagion effect," in which individuals who may already be at risk of committing a violent act are influenced by the attention and notoriety that mass shootings receive, almost everybody exposes to this in the world, but America mass shooting standout.

  Almost but still not the root

 Cultural and societal factors are also branches but not the root of gun violence, let us look deeper into it a little bit, it could cause the issue of unexpressed emotion and everything is energy, and energy cannot be destroyed but it can be transformed and unexpressed emotion will accumulate turn to anger and look for perversion way to come out which is violent in any form, even if all the guns are removed. However, violence is common to all of these factors but it is also among the branches but not the root, it is anger that gives birth to violence, accumulation of anger is like a volcano that is ready to burst anytime.

 Let us delve deeper into the unexpressed and suppressed. When people repress their emotions and fail to fully express themselves, they can build up anger and aggression, which can eventually manifest as violence. , but what gives birth to unexpressed emotion if you understand this How much can you pay to get this information? Answer that, by paying that amount to this PayPal account:, and then you will receive the ultimate solution to gun violence in the USA immediately.




Sunday, May 15, 2022


 Sexual energy has been forbidden, this has started when we were still babies and this has led to many problems in the world today.

Sex had been tagged as the original sin, our parents have started teaching us this wrong ethic from infancy, when we did not know anything, which means we have been conditioned about it.

Whenever a little child plays with his sexual organs not knowing they are sexual organs, he utterly enjoys touching them and playing with them, but his parents would become disturbed, that disturbance is in the parents, not in the child, this is the beginning of forbidden energy and that is where the society enters into the psyche of the child. When a parent sees his or her child touching his sexual organs, they will immediately tell him to stop touching it and they would remove their hand from there and the child will be shocked at that moment, that reaction will create schizophrenic in that child or split the child into two because It cannot understand what they are doing, but psychologically they are creating a complex in him/her, they are hammering into the child that something in his body has to be rejected; that it is bad because he will be wondering about what happened and that incident will create guilt in him as if he did something wrong and from that moment on they have started destroying his natural sex energy. They are creating hypocrisy in him, he will become a diplomat in the sense that when his parents are there he will not play with his sexual organs. At that particular time, he has no idea of what it is but they brought his mind to it because at that time sex energy has not yet activated in his body until he reaches 13 or 14 years of age. and when he reaches puberty stage nobody will summon the courage to give him anything like sex education because they do not know it, and you cannot give what you do not have.

Instead, they keep telling their children that they cannot use it until he/she gets married, like telling them that no sex before marriage and they are saying this because of education and civilization, so they have to force them not to express this energy but it is like telling someone to be drinking water but the person should not urinate until he reaches a particular age. How possible it is?

And if everything is okay someone can get married at the age of 25 or 28 but between the 14th and 21st years, of age, every child is at the height peak of his sexual energy, and if those moments are missed he will never be able to achieve the beautiful orgasm that could have been achieved. if they do not allow the natural flow of this energy, perversion will set in, and due to civilization, he can get married at the age of 24 or 28. In that 11 years interval, what does he/she have to do with his sexual energies that cannot be controlled? Either he learns masturbation, which is a perversion, or if he goes to a boarding school for boys only he would tend to become gay (homosexual) which is perverse while the girls become lesbians if they go to boarding school for girls only and if humans are far away from them they can make use of animals I.e. bestiality or tends to rape anybody available.

The ugly institutions of prostitution arise as a result of the repression of sex the more suppressive a society is, the more prostitutes will be found there.

Those who try to force celibacy on themselves turn into perverts like fathers and nuns of Catholics. What is the result? The majority of the father turns into gay and their nuns into lesbians

Because of not allowing the natural flowable of this energy whole of humanity is concerned with sex 24 hours a day. Psychologists have discovered that every man thinks of it at least once in 3 minutes and every woman thinks of it at least once in 6 minutes. Is that not sex obsession?

it can be easily seen everywhere if you listen to the music they play now and when you watch movies too you will see traces of it there and that is why 60% of the traffic on the internet is about sex or pornography, and if you look into the source of a major conflict in the families you can see the traces of sex there. 90% of a man's life is based on sex but if there is a proper understanding of it all these problems will be nowhere to be found

The root of all problems in life can be traced back to this energy being forbidden, in other words making sex a taboo is a major thing that is causing problems all other problems are by-products.

Everything is born out of this energy, without this energy life cannot exist on earth so life depends on it. Naturally, there is no higher energy than sexual energy but it is not only for reproduction, the same energy can have different creative dimensions. Maybe you do not realize that your sexual energy is your creativity.

Sex is the root of human existence. If you tamper with the root you have tampered with the growth of humans.

That is what is going on in the world, wrong ethics about sex and that is why the whole of humanity is suffering from obsession either through indulgence or repression.

Indulgence has made some to be addicted to it, while repression has also made some to be perverted, just imagine the list of all paraphilias, that is all kinds of sexual perversion like LGBTQ e.t.c, all these are as a result of repression.

The whole existence is full of sexual energy but the whole of human history seems to be teaching against sex energy. Religions, cultures, civilizations, priests, politicians, and parents have all been teaching how to suppress sex. But still, it cannot be suppressed because it is a natural phenomenon. It arises even when you are against it.

Why do they forbid it? Sex is being forbidden to control people or for human slavery.

If a man is allowed total freedom in sex, then there will be no possibility to dominate him, to make a slave out of him will be impossible. Have you not seen it being done? When they want a bull to be yoked to a bullock cart. What did they do? They destroyed its sex energy by castration. And have you seen the difference between a bull and an ox? What a difference! An ox is a poor phenomenon as a slave. A bull is a beauty with its energy.

If your sex instinct can be controlled then everything can be controlled, and if your sex instinct cannot be controlled then nothing can be controlled. So it becomes a fighting ground.

But the puberty stage activates this energy and remembers puberty is for liberty, it is the stage to have a rebellious spirit so they have to control it to control you

What have to be done for all these problems disappear? All the problems exist because they do not understand what this energy is all about, if they do they will stop prohibiting it and they have to stop it.

Nothing is wrong with it because it is natural energy, but forbid it makes it look as if it is wrong and that is why people are repressing or suppressing it.

Forbidden it compels people in trying to control the uncontrollable and if that is the case misery is unavoidable.

The issue is that if you resist sex, you will become more sexual; your whole life will be colored by sex. You will always think of sex every time

The scientist helps us to know that energy cannot be destroyed or suppressed for a long time. Do you know why? Because we do not create it, instead this energy creates us, it can only be transformed.

This energy creates us, if they want to talk about it on media they will blur it or censor it because it is prohibited. But they need to stop it because this also creates curiosity it makes people want to know about it, and it even makes the thing more attractive. And who does not know what they dim?

The sex center functions like a safety valve when you have too much in you and you cannot do anything with it, but nature has made a safety valve you can throw it out, you can release it, if you try to suppress it you will go mad or burst because suppressing it won't help. It needs a transformation and that transformation comes from total commitment.

Sex has to be transformed not repressed what is needed is more awareness and more understanding of neither repression nor control. The energy needs to be understood not to be forbidden, this energy is the source of our life, we came to this world through it, each cell of our body is being formed out of it but life is bigger than sex but just rooted in it, so it is a good thing for us but if it is understood the world as a whole will be a better place to live because all those problems will disappear.

You cannot fight with nature, nature is far bigger than you and you are part and parcel of it apart from sex being a natural phenomenon, the nature of our mind does not work with the words "don't " instead it goes against it, for example, tell your mind not to think about sex for the next 1 minute and see what happen.

But parents continue making the mistake of using "don't " words to guide their children they always tell them not to use this energy but despite all these don't there is nobody that completely obeys this rule, so we should stop using the words don't guide our children.

Making sex a taboo is the very foundation of human slavery and humans cannot be free unless their sex energy is allowed for natural growth. When sex energy is transformed your whole life becomes creative.

If the sexual energy is flowing perfectly well then everything will be okay, If it is used properly the urge will reduce naturally and it will not turn to compulsive attitudes. Man becomes sexually mature at the age of 14, if he lives his sexual life without any guilt without any idea of sin but simply as a natural phenomenon, by the age of 42, he would have gone beyond it if everything is okay. But if they do not allow nature to take place or they disturbed it, it affects people even in old age that is why you can still see some people at 70 years of age they are still running after anything under the cloth and that is what gave birth to the saying "dirty old man".

We need to be balanced about this energy. There is no need to be indulgent and there is no need to renounce either. When you are indulging you are gaining momentum for renouncing it and when you are renouncing you will gain momentum to indulge again.

The point is not to indulge or repress but to be balanced or to be in the middle, because it is in the middle that transcendence is possible.

So the best thing is to understand this energy and how to transform it without wasting it, If the energy is ready in the body it has to be used or transformed or else it will find a way to escape because the nature of energy is dynamic, and when it is not allowed to flow naturally it will lead to perversion because it will find a way to flow by force or with force, just look at it from this angle if you have not started using the energy or when sexual energy is repressed you will have sexual dreams, you will have sexual fantasies you cannot avoid them and you will even be having wet dreams but when sex energy is use or transformed, you will not have any sexual dreams and you will not have any sexual fantasies not to talk of wet dreams. This is a simple criterion.

If you repress something it will start finding some other way to come up with some perverted way. If you close the natural way, then it will come through some unnatural way.

Stop suppressing sex energy rather try to find the key to transforming it, and to know this you will need to be guided so that you can do the right thing in the right way, if you have an interest in how to do all these let us know.

The whole society is sex-obsessed whatsoever we do is related to sex however distant it may look. People seek money to seek sex, people seek fame and power and prestige to seek sex, If sex obsession disappears from the world people will not be money-mad. And people will not be bothered by power.

If people start talking about sex and studying it without any guilt, pornography will disappear If they can become a little more understanding about sex . 99 % of misery is because of misunderstanding about sex and this will be nowhere to find.

Just to show you that both renunciation and indulgence are both obsessed with sex. The morality of all these analyses is that you cannot run away from this energy and you cannot indulge in them, it is good to be in the middle because any of the extremes is for fall and natural things have to be used naturally because ignorance is not an excuse in the court of life.

Sex is beautiful, but beautiful things can go ugly, if you condemn them they become ugly if you transform them they become divine, so remember if you condemn natural phenomena it becomes poisonous, it destroys you, it becomes destructive and suicidal. Sex needs to be understood so that all these compulsive attitudes can disappear.

Thursday, April 4, 2019


The question that can come to your mind is which center? The funniest thing is, if the answer is given to this question, your mind will still have another question to ask from the answer given and the mystery is that there is no end to questions, your mind will always ask unless you enter the center.
To cut the story short and to answer the question of which center, it is the center of transformation. And these might bring another question to your mind... Please hold your question until you enter the center. The only thing you need to do is how to enter the center then the rest will follow. Right now you don’t know the center because you are not there yet but when you know how to enter the center, then you can get there and you will know it.
You might not want to bother to enter the center if you do not know the importance of it i.e why do you need to enter the center?
You need to enter the center because it is the only solution to all your problems (panacea). It sounds too good to be true, just test it out, if you enter the center all your problems will be dissolved not only that you will also lack nothing, it’s like if you get it you get all and if you miss it you lose all eventually(If you miss the source you miss all. You can achieve many things in the outside world,, but in the end you will find  out that you have not attained anything.) i.e. if you miss the center you will be miserable, that is why everybody is miserable.
The simple analogy  of a circle will help you more to know why you need to enter the center, because everything is in cycle like day to night, raining season to dry season and vice versa which means that everything is in circle and every circle has a center and radius that leads to the center but something about this particular circle  in analogy  is that it is moving rotationally but the center does not move, imagine you at the circumference of this circle, there is no how you can experience the real meaning of peace, there is no how you can be balanced in life , sometimes you will be up and sometimes you will be down, and you cannot be in harmony with life and you will have no bearing than to move with the movement the circumference of the circle experience(And unless you get centered into that eternal source otherwise you cannot experience peace, serenity, blissfulness, and contentment. You will not feel at home, at ease in the universe. You will remain just an accident, you will never become essential, mind you, it is not a curse but reality) but if you be at the center of the circle you will be in peace, balanced and be in harmony with existence. Apart from that even if the circle stops the movement you cannot see the reality at any angle on the circumference, you will only see things according to the perception at your angle but at the center, you will see reality. If you at anywhere on the circumference it is like someone with color blindness, he cannot see color aright. Right now you are not at the center and saying this to you it is like arguing on color with someone with color blindness because you cannot agree with this and it is understandable, just as you cannot know if you have color blindness until you have been tested, so also you cannot know what you have been missing until you be at the center.
As people stand at a different angle on the circumference make everybody become eccentric (mad) so you need to come to the center to see the reality or move from insanity to sanity. On the periphery we are different people; at the center, we are one.
It is important to enter the center because it is the only thing that will make you fulfill, you can get many things in life like money, power, prestige or fame but you will still feel that something is missing, running or chasing after others things in life without center is wasted effort, the is the first necessity .
The day you reach to your center is the day of great blessings
The good news is that everybody distances to the center is the same as the radius to the center of the circle is the same at anywhere from the circumference, so there is no excuse for you not to go back to the center as the only solution for all your problems. Center is your source so return to it.
So let’s talk on the method of how to enter the center. Everybody is different because we are all unique and that is the issue here because different method goes with different people and due to that it is needed to know your type, so that method that goes with your type can be given to you and your type can be known through your response to a series of certain questions, so when you are ready to know just type I am ready __________.
Do not trust these words so far, do not contemplate on it just test it out or experiment with it before you ask any further questions.
It is easy to have an intellectual understanding of what you read here but it is another thing to have an experimental or experiential understanding and it is only with the experiential understanding you can know the truth and that is the truth that liberates not the truth from theory. Experiential truth gives freedom from and of any bondage and that is when you can see, feel, hear, taste and smell what you have been missing because of missing center, to find out what you have been missing find out the method that fits you on how to enter the center.
Just type I am ready ___________

Monday, April 30, 2018


The word ‘intuition’ has to be understood. The word ‘tuition’ means somebody else teaches you. Intuition means something that has not been taught to you that arises within your being spontaneously; that’s why it is called intuition.  It is beyond instinct or intellect, it seems like miracle, it is mystery because it cannot be explained scientifically but it can be showed. Intuition is a state of awareness without the traffic of thoughts in mind.

And to develop intuition is to have insight, inspiration, or hunch from beyond. Intuition gives you the secrets of existence, brings a tremendous silence, serenity, which cannot be disturbed and which cannot be taken away from you.

By developing your intuition you will not need to be directed by anyone. It is all what you need because it always directs you in the right course of action, and you will not do anything against your nature, you will be the master of yourself.
Meditation is the only method to develop intuition, although there are over hundred types of meditations but the simplest and the easiest one among all of them that is applicable to all either young or old, is to close your eyes and feel your breath as it comes in and out consciously, just go with it and observe a subtle pause before it turns in or out, these two points are the basis for this technique. The pause between the in and out breaths  is a very short duration but if you continue practicing this method with time, the pause will  get longer and if the pause duration is  up to 48 minutes then you will be flower with intuition.  
You can do it at any time of the day as long as you want, in any posture and you can also do it in the night and fall asleep. Make sure you experiment with this method at least 3 months before you ask any questions on it.
The first step in developing your intuition is that your instinct should be allowed all growth possible in the sense that the instinct has to be freed from all the fetters of principles and dogmas because they are not different, just functioning on different layers. One functions on material level, while the other functions on spiritual level, so it should not be disturbed with the intellect for any reason, instead intellect should be used as an opening for intuition.  

 Alongside, you should continue to do the method; it is just a method of awakening the awareness or intuition. If you go on watching your instincts and their growth, a moment will come when your instincts will start changing into intuition. If you are conscious, then the instinct plus awareness will be equal to intuition.

This point should be remembered again and again; never forget to practice the method, because it has been forgotten millions of times
Just do it.

Sunday, April 30, 2017


Everybody believes that there is something special about their country, race, color or religion. If you observe these attitudes from people, you will be aware of stupidity that prevails amongst human beings. But it will be difficult for you to see your own idiotic, irrational prejudices. First, watch others, and then it will become easier for you to see that the same is the case with you, it is all about a game and the name of the game is ego. Do you realize that it was by an accident that you came out of your race because you did not choose it, did you? But you are helpless to believe whatever your family told you because you have been conditioned that your race is better than others. The family is programming every child according to its prejudices. If you are born in any race you will be continuously programmed for that race, and you will not ever suspect that your conditioning may be wrong, your conditioning will be preventing you from seeing yourself in others. Eradication of racism is not about preaching  to stop it,  not about carrying placard, not about sanctioning, not about be tolerant of others, because the very idea of being tolerant carries intolerance in it,  not about stop using the word “race” and replace it with another word like “ethnic groups”, you can see for yourself that all these things have not solved the problem of tribalism or discrimination  instead it suppresses it and however you suppress it, it will erupt like volcano one day, but it is about understanding  how you can see yourself in others, otherwise there will be no end to racism.

Everybody is against racism but almost everybody is a racist. Don’t you think about it that if you declare yourself the master race, or superior to everyone else, you are creating enemies all around? Who told you that you are the master race or on what ground are you claiming this? That is why we have to go to the root of this problem. Tracing of the root of racism leads us to the family, as the family is the basic unit of the society, in that case, families have to stop programming their children on better race, if not, this racism will not disappear. Every family commits the crime of conditioning their children that their race is the greatest race in the world. After you have been conditioned, you identify yourself with your race but this is just part of your ego, not part of you because you are not your race, your country or your religion. The self is a total freedom. It exists in its own right. It doesn’t belong to anything else; it doesn’t depend on anything else. You cannot belong to any nation, to any race or any religion. It is only fools that lives around the idea of "my" and "mine": my nation, my race, my family, my religion and he has come alone and he will go alone; Alone, empty-handed we come; alone, empty-handed we go. The wise knows it; hence the wise claims nothing as "mine."  You belong to existence itself. Why belong to small trivial crowds when you can belong to the whole universe? And with belonging to the whole universe, it gives you freedom because the whole is unlimited and there are no limitations.

Everybody needs to understand that intrinsically no two human beings are different; human beings are just human beings, the difference is only on the physical appearance and this differences was accidental because we have lived in different climates, that is how different races have evolved and we have encountered different situations, facing different challenges, we have passed through different histories; different minds, and this resulted in different qualities, so naturally we have learned to behave in different ways. Whether your skin is black or white or yellow or red, it does not matter. It is only a question of a few color pigments. Nobody is higher and nobody is lower; we should drop the idea of hierarchy or discrimination, each race is unique, in fact it is not a question of different races – no two individuals are alike, so comparison is out of it based on that, every human should be treated with equal right, we are just like a unit of body working together as a whole, because every race in the world has contributed something. And it is not bad that we have different races, variety is beautiful, and it enriches the world. It will be an ugly world where only one race is living. It will lose all charm, it will lose all beauty. And it is a well-known fact that if a man and woman who belong to different races get married, their child will be healthier, will live longer, will be more resistant to diseases, and will be more intelligent. So it will be good if people from one race marry into another race, and remember if crossbreeding becomes normal, all world violence or wars will become impossible. This earth is our home. Unless we put ourselves right, we cannot put humanity right, we cannot put this earth in such a way as to live beautifully. There is no need of nations; there is no need of races. It is one earth, it is one world, but one has to search within oneself first, in order to be able to see yourself in others. Embrace all the races, stop the race of the races because it is a disgrace to the human race, this whole world is ours, one humanity, it is our beautiful earth. It belongs to no race, to no nation; it belongs to us all until we realize this that is when we can be able to enjoy the grace of existence. Note many rivers in the world are named after colors. In China we have the Yellow River; somewhere in South Africa they have the Red River; in the U.S., I have heard, they have the White River, the Green River, the Purple River. In Spain they have a river, the Rio Tinto -- it has three names. Somewhere it is known as the Green River, somewhere as the Red River, somewhere as the White River. The river itself has no color; water is colorless, but the river takes the color of the terrain it passes through, the color of the shrubbery on the banks. If it passes a desert, of course it has a different color; if it passes through a forest, the forest is reflected -- the shrubbery, the greenery -- it has a different color. If it passes through a terrain where the mud is yellow, it becomes yellow. But no river has any color. And every river, whether it is called white, or green, or yellow, reaches naturally to its end, to its destiny, falls into the ocean, and becomes oceanic. Your differences are because of your terrain. Your colors are different because of your terrain. But your innermost quality of being is colorless; it is the same. Somebody is black, a negro; somebody is white, an Englishman; somebody is just in the middle, an Indian; somebody is yellow, a Chinese -- so many colors. But remember, these are the colors of the terrain of the body you pass through. They are not your colors; you are colorless. So let’s all cancel the races of races to become race less so to say.

Monday, March 27, 2017


Happiness is one of the ambiguous words because when you mention happiness you might refer to physical, psychology or spiritual happiness. Physical happiness is known as pleasure: you can experience it through your body, psychology happiness is known as joy: you can experience this through your mind and spiritual happiness is known as bliss which you can experience this through your heart. Another thing to understand is that physical happiness cannot be more than momentary because the body is constantly changing, this is also applicable to psychological happiness it cannot be forever because the mind goes on changing its form every moment; and for spiritual happiness it is not in a momentary way, it is the kind of happiness which comes but never goes. It is not of time, it is part of eternity; physical and psychology happiness has caused while bliss has no cause. Physical happiness is at the level of instinct that is why we see animals looking happier than men. Psychology happiness is at the level of intellect and that is why only men can experience it like listening to music. Spiritual bliss is at the level of intuition while few people have experienced it so far in human history
You have to know this so that you cannot continue living in misery. How?  If your happiness has a cause it is nothing but misery masquerading as happiness because that cause can be taken away anytime, it can be destroyed anytime and it can create a kind of addiction, slavery, dependence, and also a great fear. You can be robbed of it, it can be stolen.  And if you are looking for happiness that should be forever in a wrong direction, it might turn to misery because after each pleasure one falls into a deep depression. After each joy great darkness surrounds one because one is frustrated. One had hoped so much and when it came, one believed that it was going to remain; but it comes from this side and it goes from the other side,  remember that neither the body can satisfy nor the mind. Contentment is possible only when the spiritual bliss has happened because, it has no cause, and it is beyond the chain of cause and effect. It is not dependent on the outside; hence it cannot be taken away. There is no fear of losing it, it is impossible to lose it and it is permanent.

This kind of happiness is not something that we have to seek directly because it cannot be achieved directly: it is something very subtle that happens only when you are completely lost in something else. So whatsoever you do, if you are happy doing it, it is good.  Think of what you enjoy and what you enjoy doing, and get absorbed into it. Happiness will come on its own. If you enjoy swimming then swim if you enjoy chopping wood then chop woods. Whatsoever you like, do it and get absorbed into it. And suddenly when you are absorbed you will find that climate coming to you, that sunlit climate of happiness. People have to get ABSORBED. Happiness is a by-product, it is not a goal. Doing the thing that you want to do brings happiness. Forget about happiness – stop talking about it! Stop seeking happiness – live it! It is not something in the future that is going to happen someday, it can happen right now, this very moment. . But happiness is not to be sought directly. Do something else and happiness will follow like a shadow – it is a consequence, not a result. ’Everybody in the world wants to be happy – but then why are almost everyone, unhappy? Because they want to be happy. Happiness cannot be desired. You desires misery comes; desires brings misery. Happiness is a state of no-desire. Happiness is a state of great understanding that desire brings misery.  When desires disappear, happiness appears. When you are not with ego, jealousy, ambitions or competitions then you can experience this spiritual happiness. Happiness is a shadow of harmony, it follows harmony. There is no other way to be happy. Unless you are the harmony, you can strive and strive then you will get more frustrated and you will get more and more into misery. 

Friday, February 17, 2017


Being tamed by whom? You would be surprised by the answer to this question- by all religions. Then you can ask again how? By exploiting the human basic instinct of fear. You may not understand yet until you look into all their teachings then you will see that it is rooted in exploiting human basic instinct either with the trick or strategy of fear and greed.   Greed is out of fear, and out of greed more fear arises, just remembers that fear and greed are not two different things; but they go together they are two aspects of the same coin. In fear, you might want to escape from something and in greed, you might want to cling to it, but they are both the same it is one energy but two poles of the same energy. And that is what all religions use to tamed people to certain behavior, mind you that is what they normally use to tame any animal for the circus just they called it of a different name: punishment and reward. The psychologist confirmed that man can be conditioned for any behavior. How? By giving him enough punishment and enough reward and you can change anybody’s behavior through this method. And that’s what has been done to people by their religion.

Religions must have discovered it very early, that man can be manipulated and dominated easily if he is made afraid.  That is why they created hell. It is just pure imagination -- there is no place like hell, it is just a psychological state. It is not somewhere up or down and greed has created heaven there is no heaven either. Hell and heaven are psychological states, not geographical situations. Forget all about that childish nonsense.

Even people beliefs or morality is not genuine it is based on fear and greed, beliefs means you have not known and yet you have believed, either out of fear of hell or out of greed for heaven, every belief is a slavery; every religion is nothing but a prison with open doors. They manipulate you to believe because unbelievers go to hell. They manipulate you to have faith because the faithful will be rewarded in paradise. They are playing on your fear and greed.

It is a subtle psychological strategy to make you more and more a slave. The whole humanity is living in slavery. All religions continue to make people believe that they will get their reward after they died and that is going to heaven or paradise. Nobody knows whether that reward exists or not because nobody has returned from heaven/paradise to inform anyone what is true and what is untrue. And nobody has returned from hell either so both are fictions, without any evidence. Hell exists nowhere; it is the invention of religion. They may differ in their philosophical systems but they don’t differ in the basic exploitation: the exploitation of man’s fear and greed, to tame you.

When can a person free himself from the sufferings of greed and fear? It is only possible when a person expects nothing from others. When you can live your life in totality, to be able to be alone, to be able to go in into the darkness of your inner being, to move to the center. Remember that there is nothing to fear, this existence is yours, and there is no hell unless you decide to create one.

Just look at it this way, we have about 10,000 religions altogether and each one is claiming that their religion is the right one. Does anyone know the criteria to know the right religion among them all? Find a way to be deprogrammed because you have been programmed or tamed by your religion.